JFK & Marilyn Monroe

1. JFK & Marilyn Monroe

JFK and Marilyn Monroe

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Marylin Monroe and John F Kennedy are said to have had a romantic rendezvous at Bing Crosby’s house in Palm Springs shortly after meeting. Apparently Monroe got in touch with the President’s wife, Jackie, and told her about the affair. Jackie was well aware of John’s wandering eye, and responded by telling her to move in and marry him, and then she would have all the problems! Great response!

2. JFK & Judith Campbell Exner

Judith Campbell

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And here is JFK at it again. Introduced by Frank Sinatra, the two began their affair during 1960 in Vegas. When being interviewed since the affair, Exner described him as being “so reckless” . She also admitted to aborting his child, although those allegations were never proven.


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